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Meditation for Neuroplasticity

My life was changed dramatically one day when a friend gave me a book to read by Lisa Wimberger, Neurosculpting A Whole-Brain Approach to heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness. It was about three years ago that I read this book and began my journey of self healing with both yoga and Mediation. Both disciplines opened many paths on my journey providing me with something I was missing in my life. I was missing the  framework that would provide me with stability and internal growth. This framework started a joyful shift of self discovery!  Opening up many discoveries in personal growth, while helping to find that person within me, who had become lost so many years ago in a sea of personal stress and Trauma. 

I am recently certified by the Neurosculpting® Institute as a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator (CNSF) and will be offering individual and group mediation sessions to help others rewrite limiting beliefs and find their path to wholeness by unwrapping the many tools that already resides within.

How Meditation Can Help You

When life is creating a nervous system that is constantly turned on making  every situation a flight or flight reaction, it is time to quiet down the nervous system, and learn new skills to turn on the rest and digest mode for a healthy body, mind, and spirit! 


Creating balance through NSI 5-Step Neurosculpting® process 


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Calming down internal fear response

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